The 5-Second Trick For guinea pig urine color

Should you have ever pondered about what color need to guinea pig urine be, proceed studying as we're going to give an outline from the guinea pig urine color spectrum.

In case the urine looks white therefore you Enable the issue go untreated for a very long time, sooner or later it may well bring on serious difficulties such as bladder stones. 

The commonest reason for white urine in guinea pigs is excessive calcium while in the diet regime. Guinea pigs want calcium for balanced bone progress, but an excessive amount calcium might cause a buildup during the urinary tract, bringing about white urine.

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You have to know a wholesome guinea pig pee color, and also the color that presents warning symptoms. Let’s get all the way down to the 9 different colors of guinea pigs pee and whatever they point out.

Vivid Yellow:  As being the color suggests, your guinea pig is wholesome. You would like not be worried about the wellbeing of your dog right until it eats and drinks well.

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Here's a simple way to tell If the info guinea pig’s white pee is an indication of excessive calcium or bladder stones. When the pee dries up leaving a powdery compound, see it.

In case you are pondering why your guinea pig’s urine is white, keep reading. With this publish, we're going to talk about almost everything you need to know about the situation. 

Being attentive to the color of one's guinea pig’s urine might be a successful way to find out about the overall wellbeing on the animal. 

Are you presently perplexed that guinea pigs can pass pink urine? But it surely does transpire. Pink urine (beeturia) is an issue that stems from extra calcium in the food plan or even the presence of blood during the urine.

The color of the guinea pig’s urine can improve occasionally, whether or not the animal is healthier. On the other hand, just by taking a look at the shade from the urine, you are able to study the general overall health of your piggy. Allow’s dive in:

Uroliths is really a specialized or clinical expression for kidney or bladder stones. It can be Among the most frequent triggers of bloody urine in guinea pigs. 

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